Paper Airplane
The Fictional Plano Paper Plane (and I thought it was kinda a cool logo)

Welcome to The Paper Plane.  I’m the editor; my name is Jared Connor. I am software developer and IT leader, born and bred.  I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and currently reside in Buffalo, NY.  I created this site to share some photography, anecdotes, music minus the pressure to creative, anxiety of 140 characters or the formality of LinkedIn.  The name The Paper Plane is an homage to the newspapers of yesteryear and some of the whimsical names their publishers had given them, like The Tombstone Epitaph, The Times Picayune and The Unterrified Democrat.  Publications liked these reasserted our right to speech on a daily basis for centuries and it is incumbent upon all of us to pick up that same yolk and perform that same function as that medium fades into obsolescence.  Plenty of time for that though so please feel free to hang out, read, relax.  Put your feet up and grab an egg roll.  If you are so inclined, please feel free to fire a paper plane my way from the Reach Out page.  I try to respond to everyone within a day.


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