Fulton Market - Seattle

Singles (Deluxe Version) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Singles Soundtrack Album Cover
Alice in Chain’s Layne Staley at the water fountain looking like he is gonna boost a wallet.

Following yesterday’s post about the 20 year anniversary of the release of Singles, I jumped on CouchPotato and pulled down a decent 720p rip and spun it up thinking I would putter about the house while listening to some of the songs that were featured in the film and maybe even cringe a bit at how the film may not have held up over the one score that has elapsed since.

Well, I got sucked in.  Although I prefer shorty in Jackie Brown, it was Bridget Fonda that done did it and she kept me fixated for about an hour while I thought about posting a treatment of Seattle during this time as a dystopian Paradise Lost, a city full of music and art that was unable to withstand the siege laid to it by Jeff Bezos who in the 20 years since has declared it his Casterly Rock.

Although the movie holds up pretty well, my ADD clearly had kicked in and I’m no Milton nor R.R. Martin so I killed the volume on the movie and asked Alexa to spin up the Deluxe Edition of the Soundtrack on Amazon Prime.  What?  Even the Lannisters gave us Tyrion!

I don’t want to bury the lead here.  I wouldn’t recommend watching the movie unless its pissing rain outside and you are couch-bound nursing the after-effects of a bad bender, but if you have Amazon Prime or if you still have the soundtrack on CD, mp3, vinyl, eight that shit up.  Opening with the bass line of Would? with the haunting screams of Stayley decrying “into the flood again, same old trip it was back then … ” backed by a perfectly under-produced Alice ad Chains.  They keep coming … Breathe, Pearl Jam.  Eddie had just joined the band from San Diego and these were the first couple of tracks he wrote and performed with the band.  On Breathe, you can almost hear a little bit of the sun that Vedder must’ve brought north with him.  Step out on your porch.  Alright, I’m in.  The bridge of Breathe gives you a little glimpse of what would come.  Eddie crescendos with “If I knew where it was, I would take you there.”  With Ament doing some Seattle-style harmonies that will never quite be replicated.  I could listen to this forever.

“I wish I could have been there but I was about 20 years too late to town.”

Weeknights are best if you want to get downtown.  Needle at night – 2015 credit J. Connor

Seasons sung by Cornell and Birth Ritual with the full complement of Sound Garden show a mature artist steeped in the blues but with a voice touched by the hand of God himself.  I don’t mean to hit you over the head with it.  Screaming Trees’ Nearly Lost you and Billy Corgan’s Drown.  Jimi Hendrix.  Mudhoney.  This is what was on the radio at the time in Seattle and it was great.  Cornell steals the second disk with tracks like Spoonman that gave me chills; he’s gone now. Staley too.

Westerburg?  Yeah, this is exactly what it sounded like to be in Seattle in the early 1990’s.  This eclectic mix of sounds was what was going on and who would need to go elsewhere.

And then came Amazon … Alexa!  Stop!  Alexa, play State of Love and Trust one more time and turn on the kitchen lights.  I need a Starbucks.

Prime customers should give it a spin over here.  If you are an Amazon shopper, Prime or not, please commence your retail therapy at Smile and select a charity before continuing on to the main site.

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