The Equifax Hack: Why we should all be Concerned

In part one of four delving into the largest data breach in history, I explore the technical, historical, cultural and economic context of the Equifax hack and what it may mean for all of us.  We now know that almost 200 million American, British and Canadian citizens’ personal information was stolen by hackers.  In the shadow of major attacks on corporations like Wendy’s, Target and The Home Depot, it is easy to become desensitized to the facts and figures involved, but scale aside, the story of the Equifax breach and the company’s behavior in the wake of its disclosure is one that should not so quickly be dismissed.

This topic may not have exactly what I had envisioned for the Technology pages of The Paper Plane, but with almost half of the American population being impacted, you can check out Part I: The Tech over there.

If you or a loved one thinks that they have been impacted by the Equifax breach, the Federal Trade Commission has information on how to proceed here.

The Paper Plane has just released Part II of this story, The Hack.

Part III: The Tracking Industrial Complex

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