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Logo_sm_black_on_WhiteCharlie Hankin is renaissance man: artist, comedic writer, animator, painter,  who knows how to lay down the funny.  As evidenced in his New Yorker cartoons, which are arguably some of the best they have ever printed.  Check out his work.


Logo_sm_black_on_WhiteThe Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in Cape Town, designed by Thomas Heatherwick will open to the public next week.  The structure served the better part of a century as both a grain elevator and Africa’s tallest building upriver of the pyramids and it has been reincarnated as the first major contemporary art museum in Africa dedicated to African art.

Heatherwick’s Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Modern Art – Cape Town, South Africa


Logo_sm_black_on_WhiteThe Plane became inspired by Architectural Digest’s The Most Beautiful Public High School in Every State in America and our little post congratulating Buffalo’s PS198 suffered some scope creep and as a result, it became a big post on all of the local architecture we plotz over



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