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Living In Hotel California With ‘Tiffany Twisted’ Supergirl (26)

The Big Art Theory Blog turns us on to art and artists with whom we may not have been familiar which is wonderful, but more than that, the talented writers help us to think about why we may like or dislike, a particular work of art. The writers act as docents, taking us on a tour through the many levels of our own emotional responses, visual associations, and contextual experiences, that a work of art may evoke in us.  As if each one were an installation in the gallery of our own mind. Good stuff, not to mention we can always use a shot of culture and beauty.

For example, Anna Lucy shows us the work of artists David Hockney and Ania Luk, as well as a few of her own, in her post ‘Living in Hotel California With ‘Tiffany Twisted’ Supergirl‘.  Composed by Don Felder, Glenn Frey, and Don Henley, the lyrics have been conjectured to mean quite a bit over the years since it’s 1977 release.  Some of these interpretations, while little more than myth, have become part of popular culture.  For those of a certain age, the song, like it or not, has become inextricably linked to images and personal memories, maybe a time or a place, or even certain smells.  These associations, to a lesser degree,

The lyrics of the titular song, composed by Don Felder and written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley, have been conjectured to mean quite a bit over the years since it’s 1977 release.  Some of these interpretations, while little more than myth, have become part of popular culture.  For those of a certain age, the song, like it or not, may have become inextricably linked to images and personal memories, maybe a time or a place, or even certain smells that come flooding back upon rehearing the opening chords to Felder’s harmony.  These associations, to a certain degree, may result from the phenomenon of synesthesia, and it is there where Anna begins our tour.

For those unfamiliar, check out The Eagles performing Hotel California in this live performance from the Capital Centre in Washington, D.C. some time in the late 1970’s.  If it is blocked in the States, update your VPN

For more of Anna Lucy’s writing, follow along over at the Big Art Theory Blog.

We adore this piece but you can find out plenty more about David Hockney and Ania Luk as well as work they have done and upcoming exhibits here and here,  We have certainly become obsessed.  We wish we would have caught Hockney’s 2011 exhibit at the ROM.

Big thanks to Anna H. Lucy and the folks over at the Big Art Theory Blog for the inspiration!

David Hockney, Portrait of Nick Wilder, 1966, Oil on Canvas


Big Art Theory Blog

‘An artist is an art lover who finds that in all the art he sees, something is missing: to put there what he feels is missing becomes the center of his life’s work’  Romare Bearden

‘Kalispera, welcome Madame!’ – I heard the enthusiastic voice in the doorway as I arrived at the ‘Blue Beach Hotel’ in Chania, Greece.  I’ve never mentioned it before but from her early childhood I knew that visiting a new  place is likely to make me ‘feel’ the symptoms of synesthesia.

Let me explain you first what hides behind the mysterious phenomenon. Similarly to Tori Amos, Pharrell Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Vladimir Nabokov, David Hockney or Vincent Van Gogh, I possess the unique ability to ‘merge’ several senses at the same time. In one of the online articles I’ve read that actually 4% of our society are synestheists.

David_Hockney_Swimming_PoolDavid Hockney, A Bigger Splash, 1967, © David Hockney…

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The Ramones, ‘Rocket to Russia – Deluxe Edition’ drops November 24th

From Rolling Stone magazine, Rhino will release a deluxe edition of The Ramones ‘Rocket to Russia’ on November 24th.  The three-CD set will contain two remixes of the album, previously unheard tracks, and a live concert recording from December 19th, 1977, at the Apollo Centre theater in Glasgow, Scotland.

If anywhere near as good as their previous collection of the seminal punk band’s work, we will be waiting for this one to drop.

Singles (Deluxe Version) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Singles Soundtrack Album Cover
Alice in Chain’s Layne Staley at the water fountain looking like he is gonna boost a wallet.

Following yesterday’s post about the 20 year anniversary of the release of Singles, I jumped on CouchPotato and pulled down a decent 720p rip and spun it up thinking I would putter about the house while listening to some of the songs that were featured in the film and maybe even cringe a bit at how the film may not have held up over the one score that has elapsed since.

Well, I got sucked in.  Although I prefer shorty in Jackie Brown, it was Bridget Fonda that done did it and she kept me fixated for about an hour while I thought about posting a treatment of Seattle during this time as a dystopian Paradise Lost, a city full of music and art that was unable to withstand the siege laid to it by Jeff Bezos who in the 20 years since has declared it his Casterly Rock.

Although the movie holds up pretty well, my ADD clearly had kicked in and I’m no Milton nor R.R. Martin so I killed the volume on the movie and asked Alexa to spin up the Deluxe Edition of the Soundtrack on Amazon Prime.  What?  Even the Lannisters gave us Tyrion!

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Cameron Crowe’s Grunge classic ‘Singles’ is 25 yo today

Cornell, Ament, Dillon, Staley and Cameron Crowe on set of ‘Singles.’ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The movie to best have captured the spirit of the Seattle grunge music sound was unquestionably Cameron Crowe’s ‘Singles’.  Starring Matt Dillon as the lead singer of the fictional Citizen Dick, the movie featured artists like Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder.  Pretty much everyone except Curt Cobain.  Today is the 25th anniversary of the film’s premier and Rolling Stone has an interview with Crowe.  While the film itself wasn’t going to win an Academy Award, in retrospect, the soundtrack certainly could have.

Check out Crowe’s interview over at Rolling Stone.

He is also re-releasing the soundtrack with bonus tracks and additional content.  I am sure that you can grab that on iTunes, but for those who don’t remember some of the incredible tunes on it …. State of Love and Trust.

Link to the 25 year old trailer in the videos section below and here for nostalgia.

Joshua Tree turns 20

I have been exceedingly privileged over the last half decade to have a paramour, a beautiful woman, in my life who gave me the greatest gifts that one can give.  She would take me by my reluctant hand and expose me to experiences that I would have never seen.  Whether grandiose or otherwise ordinary,  I inevitably would find myself thinking, “I can cross this one of the list” when there wasn’t any list to start.

On September 14th 2017, she took me to see U2 at New Era Field in Orchard Park, NY.  Beck opened.  Crushed it.  The lads played the entire opus that was the Joshua Tree album.  These were songs from my youth and they didn’t miss a beat.  Bono was gracious and expressed his gratitude for those songs and the fans and the opportunities they had provided over the two decades since it had dropped.  He didn’t stand on a soapbox, criticism I have often heard.

“Great melodies have a lot in common with great ideas. They’re instantly memorable.”

– Bono, Musician

The message was simple like the songs on the album.  The message was one of love and dignity and from Beck, who is a headliner in his own right, opening with Devil’s Haircut to Bono and the lads closing with One, the show was monumental.    Continue reading Joshua Tree turns 20