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On the Nature of Bullsh*t

Fareed Zakaria is the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, a Washington Post columnist, the Editor at Large of Time magazine, an international bestselling author of five, a Yale and Harvard graduate with his doctorate in philosophy who could perhaps best be described as a pundit’s pundit.  As if all that wasn’t enough, to round out his bona fides in the area of bullsh*t, Zakaria was suspended back in 2012 by CNN and Time amidst accusations of plagiarism to which he would go on to apologize admitting he made a great mistake.  One might even go as far as saying that if bullsh*t had wings, it would be Zakaria’s voice that you’d hear utter the words, “This is your captain speaking.

Nevertheless, we generally like Zakaria and try to catch his columns and weekly show whenever we can.  That may be why we were so surprised that we missed this little rant he dropped on Don Lemon filling in on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.  Warning: the following clips contain a lot of ‘bullsh*t’.

Wow.  Ok.  So he went off a bit and dropped a few expletives on primetime TV.  Despite the repeated use of one of the infamous seven dirty words, Zakaria still comports himself with a refined, almost professorial air and his words carry with them a certain measure of authority.  But, he wasn’t done.

Not in the least.  Professor Bullsh*t would continue his lecture series on his show later that week.  Not only does he not apologize, Zakaria doubles down with this 400-level course in the Art of Bullsh*t.

Other noteworthy bullshit artists philosophy majors include Steve Martin, Angela Davis, Bruce Lee, Susan Sontag, Gene Siskel, Alex Trebek, David Foster Wallace and George Soros.  Link

Fareed Zakaria GPS airs on CNN, Sundays 10 a.m. & 1 p.m. ET.  You can also listen to his views on global policy, foreign affairs, and apparently, bullsh*t, on his podcast over at