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Sunday Football in Orchard Park


Logo_blackPenny took me to the Buffalo Bills v. Denver Broncos tilt at New Era Field in Orchard Park.* For the uninitiated, the Bills don’t play in Buffalo, but instead at their stadium in the Southtowns, specifically, Orchard Park, NY.  Growing up an Eagles fan and having been indoctrinated with the bias of the NFC being the league where real football is played, it is a gift to see it from the ABC POV instead of FOX.  There is a clear distinction between AFC and NFC football that becomes omnipresent the moment you leave your house on a Sunday morning.  The difference is all around you. Perhaps I am hyper-sensitive to it because to me it is familiar.  To me, it is good.

The RVs, the history, the football and the food.  The stadium perched at the top of a slight hill, not a new stadium with a 400 ft. LED screen and $20K personal seat bonds for the privilege of spending your hard-earned money on a ticket.  A few sponsors adorn the walls, mostly local companies.  The signage is far outnumbered by the names of the luminaries who left it all on the gridiron for their Buffalo Bills.
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