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Six Word Stories #25 and Flash Fiction

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

For the uninitiated, legend holds that it was Ernest Hemingway who penned that six-word tale which for years now has inspired writers to attempt their own succinct masterpieces.  Also called flash fiction, these diminutive novels can be clever and often inspirational.

Like those that be found over at unbolt.me where we came across #25 which we found irresistibly evocative.

Her silhouette makes a cello envious.

Tetiana Aleksinaunbolt.meSix Word Stories #25

The author may not have been conjuring Lauren Bacall or Josephine Baker as we did –  remarkably English isn’t even her native tongue – but we thought it just dripped with 1920’s Pulp Noir appeal.  After all, it is what is left to the imagination, wherein the beauty of the Six-Word Story lies.

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